Santiam Pass Ski Lodge is the Recipient of $20,000 Preserving Oregon Grant!

All of the 75 windows will be removed and restor

All of the 75 windows will be removed and restored during the winter months 2018-2019. This project is supported in part by a grant from the State Historic Preservation Office, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

We are so pleased to announce that Friends of Santiam Pass Ski Lodge is the recipient of a $20,000 Preserving Oregon Grant! The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) has awarded the grant for the rehabilitation work of the lodge’s 75 beautiful windows. These funds will go in their entirety to the window restoration. A huge THANK YOU goes to everyone at Oregon Heritage and the SHPO for awarding the funds to this wonderful project. We are also so thankful to the community leaders who have written letters endorsing the project. A special thanks goes to U.S. Representative for Oregon's 4th congressional district Rep. Peter DeFazio, Oregon House of Representatives for the 17th District Rep. Sherrie Sprenger, The Linn County Board of Commissioners (Roger Nyquist, John Lindsey and Will Tucker), and McKenzie River District Ranger Darren Cross. This is the beginning of the road and we could not be more pleased with those willing to help us get the work started. Santiam Pass Ski Lodge -- It’s Coming Back

Noah Sheets