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Phase 1: The Trail Head

The restoration of Santiam Pass Ski Lodge will progress in three phases and is estimated to take between 3-5 years. Phase One will concentrate on securing the main structure and exterior of the lodge. Phase Two will focus on the interior restoration. Phase Three will give attention to the exterior grounds, landscaping, trails and auxiliary buildings. The following is a list of the major work that will be completed during Phase One. From this list you are able to see the activities that will be taking place as well as the professional skilled trades required to perform work. If you work in one the needed trades we would greatly appreciate your help.



An outline of the work to be completed in Phase One

  • Restore electric service from street
  • Rebuild/repair well service, waterlines, water tank.
  • Septic system repairs
  • Clean and sanitize interior of lodge. Remove hazardous materials. (Mostly rodent droppings. There will be some asbestos and lead abatement required.)
  • Clearing/construction/temporary repair of the service road access to the east of Lodge.
  • Miscellaneous (Construction fencing, Drop boxes, Portable restrooms etc.)
  • Sheds over well and water tank.
  • Structural Engineer - Repair foundation-structural support
  • Removal of later additions (Front exterior hallway, west side three story staircase, front vestibule.)
  • Tear off and install a new shake roof.
  • Remove & amp; install open raised collar roof trusses and decking on Dining Hall
  • Rebuild hallway connecting the main lodge to the dining hall.
  • Install refurbished/replicated windows.
  • Repair/replace exterior siding.
  • Replace exterior doors.
  • Install ground floor double-door front entry with lodge style viewing windows above.
  • Repair/repoint and seal the rock foundation, fireplace and chimney.
  • Exterior finish
  • Drainage repair replacement
  • Entrance Road Gates (2x)
  • Winter Window/Door coverings
Current Front of Lodge
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