The Oregon Cultural Trust Awards Friends of Santiam Pass Ski Lodge $35,000 for needed restoration work.

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We are very pleased to announce that the Oregon Cultural Trust has awarded Friends of Santiam Pass Ski Lodge $35,000 for structural and electrical work on the lodge. Santiam Pass Ski Lodge operated from generators until the mid 1970s. Power lines were eventually run from just south of US Hwy 20 and continuous power was established. The existing power system must be replaced. This will require running a new line under the highway, trenching about 900 feet to the lodge, laying of conduit, two transformers and power cable. Generous grants from the Oregon Cultural Trust and the Oregon Community Foundation will pay for much of this work. Once completed the restoration work will be much easier with onsite power. Your support of the Oregon Cultural Trust helps us and many other like projects. Thank you Oregon Cultural Trust!

Noah Sheets